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About Us

Our Story

The traveller life company is the upshot of solo traveller, who wanted to explore the world in new ways and map the countries in the most artistic way. we understand the bizarre and offbeat souls of travellers from all around the world and bring them together to check their Wishlist making them travel the most exorbitant and enchanting destinations, to embark a new reign for travellers and make memories. Viewing the panorama of ‘rat race’ our goal is to depart this life with memories and not dreams. We are ‘ON’ for filling the minds of travellers with positive vibes and memories, so that when they reach the end journey of their life after years, they should be hearing their own whispers saying “what a life I made was more than heaven, and what I have achieved was more than a treasure”.

Vinay Luthra

Travel Freak & Co-Founder

Vinay An artist, a designer and a crazy traveller gave birth to the innovation of “The traveller life company” in a way to explore the world and motivate others to do the same as ‘we are given just a single chance to live on this beautiful creation (PLANET EARTH)’. He has Artistic eye towards Nature and design that is why he always discusses and motivate his team to gain more memories, so at the end of the life journey you can whisper “what a life it was ‘WOW’.

Palak Luthra

Office Administartor & Designer

The creativity of life whistles her mind for travelling. She sees everything with a whole new perspective. Her happy-go lucky attitude is the cherry on the top. Her love for different art forms fosters her traveller instincts. She is a vagabond gathering memories from each corner of the world. In her free time, she boosts her cooking skills, and always looking forward to watch her favourite show ‘Master CHEF’ or she is busy doing here 3D and 2D structures from her interest and making plans to improve the construction of the society and make a better place to live.

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Travel is the only thing you buy and that makes you richer in memories. We are here on a mission to travel across the planet with craze, and make memories for life. Don’t just wait, give a call or drop a message, we are here to paint a memory on the canvas of your life..