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Amazing memories

Travel Solo

Travelling solo is one of the most beautiful form of mind art that gives you more memories, creativity, experiences, learning and a lot more that you can’t even imagine, because this world is created insanely amazing. And after all you are not provided with roots like plants or trees to stay at one place rather you are given two beautiful feet to map your mark on most of the parts of this world and meet the creations of the mighty god. The traveller life team is here to help you out with all your solo travel issues.

Road Not Mapped

Mapped the map! Well now is the time to fulfil your dream of sitting at a mount cliff in a foreign country with a lead in your ears and hearing your favourite melodies or spending time watching sunset so deeply that you just listen to your heart beat, while you were engrossed seeing the sunset and whispering just ‘WOW’ to the moment.

Artistic Hostels

we don’t believe in staying at hotels, as it bounds you with limited same four walls and just like you live at home, HOSTELS are the new style that provide you the creative look plus an atmosphere of travellers from all around the world that definitely have some stories to share with you. So,open up your mind, as it will help you change your perspective to see this world all over again.

Travel In Groups

Our base style of travelling is with like minded travellers who just want to go out to explore the world like crazy and making the most of life at the best of the time. We also have trips separately for solo women travel.


Travel is in your mind. Or you are still Waiting for a friend to accompany you! And burring all the desires to travel just because your friends are trapped in a rat race or you are still scared to travel alone! If these are the reasons that stops you from packing your bag and setting out to see this beautiful planet. we know all these and can understand all your fears because we all have faced the same problems before setting out to travel alone and today every member of our team is a travel freak.

Travel Solution

Just a thought, stand up, take a step, give it a try and just make a call. The traveller life co will make it all happen for you, and guess what you are not travelling alone. We have a group of all travel freaks that will change your mind set about travelling solo.

Travel Through Public Transports

Public transports like local metro, trains, buses are the way of travelling around the city and intercity which gives you a way to see life like a local. Which helps you map around local subways, streets and flavours of life performers that will keep you asking for more!

Customized Trips

The traveller life team will be glad to help you plan your travel around any part of the planet, whether it’s the extension of the trip or planning a new travel life(Trip). Our team is excited to help you plan your trip at the best of your time and at the best value.