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Travel Knock on the Mind!


STEVEJOBS’ greatest hit story “CONNECTING THE DOTS” just feels so true and inspiring that I am able to relate it all very well. Life’ the most beautiful creation ever made on earth, it’s given for a reason and you just have to find a way to get to that reason and you can easily corelate the story of ‘connecting the dots’, when everything starts coming on track.

‘Knock knock’ December 2014 was the Christmas time and all doors were open to feel the moments of ‘sunburn GOA’ 2014. But suddenly two days before the flight ‘the other friend backed off making excuses and ended up cancelling the plan, at that moment all the doors were turned into dark and all the excitement was buried somewhere. In the middle of nowhere I was left alone. And this was not the first time that a trip was cancelled because of a friend. 

Do you think that was an end of the moment!! Or an excitement!! Or a life!!

Well in the middle of nowhere it was the start of a traveller that I myself didn’t knew. Next day all the strength was gathered and mind chose to get things into place. And started searching for a companion from the big world out there. On the third day after the plan was cancelled, “A mail dropped my Inbox ‘regarding a       6-day trip to Jaisalmer from one of the travel company’”.

‘JAISALMER’ had a flashback history in the subconscious mind and, connected to a ‘DOT (STORY OR INCIDENT)’.


Fashion design was the subject I was into. Time was about the last semester and got a project to make a collection of 7 outfits. In order to make any collection we were given a theme or an inspiration, as nothing in this life works without an inspiration. The core end of any great inventions is a result of great minds that were inspired by some or the other thing, as everything is connected to everything. 

‘SAND DUNES’ was the topic, from which entire collection was to be made. And I always wanted to be the best as usual (most common thought every student gets, and I was part of it too). So, in order to give my best presentation at the end of the semester, I thought of doing a photoshoot with model and all in Jaisalmer, unfortunately that was the time of ‘JUNE’ of course it was hot during that time and not the perfect time for the place to visit. And secondly it was getting too costly for me to get that shoot done, surely not worth it as well. Finally, the plan ended up with a self-shoot with a white background and the idea of Jaisalmer was vanished without a second thought.


After getting to know about the trip all the idea of Jaisalmer flashbacked, in addition the idea of travelling was still alive in spite of the cancelation of the plan to sunburn goa. With all my strength gathered I called up to this company, to know about the trip and finally planned to go alone for the very first time ever. And was finally on the train to Jaisalmer on 4th January 2015.

Jaisalmer was just a start, made my way to treks, and parts of India and after getting into the meditation of travel finally made to many international destinations as well. I still couldn’t believe that I did that, but I did it. and had no idea that would come this far and would become a travel freak, solo traveller or a backpacker. Its like a meditation to me.

My only lesson to you is get rid of fears to travel solo its just a start to meet yourself and get to know the inside you, hear your own heart beat and you will forget all the melodies as your heart has the best melody ever.

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