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Most beautiful form of Art is Meditation that not only helps you Relax your physical body but also gives your soul another life. That’s filled with peace of mind which has no place for Ego, jealousy, or hatred and love towards every single personality on this earth. Well that’s what I have Read and seen, but FRANKLY never tried by myself. 

Meditation And Medication

When you hear the word Meditation, the only thing you are probably imagining is about sitting with your legs crosses and concentrating on your third eye that’s inside you and trying to relax. That might be one but the form that we know is TRAVEL SOLO.

We Usually say, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, IT NEEDS TRAVEL CURE. That’s 100% true, we are not saying this with our perception, researches from around the planet had proved that. You are not even forced to believe in us or any research but rather get up, gather some courage and head out to make a trip solo, and follow your heart, as solo travel is the best medication that keeps you and your soul ALIVE separating you from the biggest health issues of life that is Stress, anxiety and specially heart related problems.

How do you meditate while you Travel solo?


GOD – Gatherings of Developer. It means the creation of something beautiful and magnificent that we cant even imagine. And its developed by natural resources, reactions, or some form of energy. So we only have one creation to discover out of 9 from the Universe, because that’s the only access we can make. By now you might have figured it out, yes Of course its PLANET EARTH.  

Most Beautiful creation ever made. So travel is one form of Physical Meditation, as you observing the creations of developer.

But we say that’s just the half work done under meditation. Sitting in a meditation pose or walking along the planet earth, both are form of meditation but methods are different, actions taken are different and of course end result are also different. Here’s How!!


With meditation you only learn to love others, but you are forgetting the most beautiful form of art or creation on this planet, and THAT’S YOU. YOU learn to love yourself, get to know more about you. Helps you believe in yourself and make you feel your existence in this world. This world is an open class that constantly teaches you something or the other every second you make a step forward and helps YOU hear your OWN BEAT OF HEART.

The most important thing is you spend time with yourself, which is really hard to make in today’s fast moving journey of life, where no one has time for anyone.

YOU learn to observe the beauty and creations, feel the moment, gets motivated, act positive. In this Journey of ‘Meditation Travel’ when you get to know the most artistic creation ‘YOU YOUR SELF’, trust me you meet god. As you are also a result of the reactions that was held naturally to give you some sort of energy and make your existence on this earth.



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