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Dubai Craze

Travel Dates

Start DateEnd Date
27 september 201931 september 2019

Travel Cost

Rs. 29000

per person plus GST as applicable*/-


Didn't the hightech Dubai beam its LIFI in your comprehend brains. Didn’t you just feel your elated breaths while seeing the exhilarated skydivers and being one of them. Doesn’t the master of all infrastructural fabrications Burj Khalifa wreck the nerves of your retina. Didn’t the superlative Dubai mall boost your shopping instincts. Did the 60000 diverse marine species in the great Atlantis mimic wonders in your brains.


Night shows
Night shows
Fountain show
Fountain show
enjoy the Beach
enjoy the Beach
Skydive Craze
Skydive Craze
Tallest skyscraper
Tallest skyscraper
burj khalifa
burj khalifa
waterfall in Dubai mall
waterfall in Dubai mall
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This day you will arrive in Dubai and get ready to get into the culture of the city. Its time to set your bags into place and get ready to set out in the afternoon for your very first journey to the ‘Desert safari’ with other travellers. JEEP’S will be arriving at the hostel to pic you up for the great adventures on the desert. You will be experiencing the ‘JEEP SAFARI’ in the desert.

After the incredible experience of the safari, you will be heading towards the camp area for the camel safari and other activities that might interest you. You will be enjoying the live performances in the camp area and the day will end up with amazing and yummy barbeque dinner and cheering up unlimited drinks with your fellow travellers which will be beyond the imagination and then heading back to the hostel.

Overnight in Dubai

DAY 2:

Dubai is a city of rich and fancy cars, get ready to feel the city of gold or luxury shopping. It’s time to head towards the Gold sook’ to experience and buy the variety of gold you have never seen before. Gold market has all the creations from the traditions to the modern designs that’s far more creative to hold your breath for a moment.

You will not be able to get rid of the gold creations and this afternoon you will be making your way with the other travellers to the world biggest shopping mall ever ‘THE DUBAI MALL’, that has lot of excitements to offer you. You will be tired of shopping but the DUBAI MALL will be still have some eye catching stuff to keep you asking for more. In the evening you will be up for the most amazing view to keep your eyes soothing for the moment ‘FOUNTAIN SHOW’ that will be played with amazing melodies.

This is not the end of the treasure travel, It’s the start. Time to experience the tallest skyscraper ‘THE BURJ KHALIFA’. Its time to visit the 126th floor of Burj khalifa and experiencing the heights of Dubai.

At night we will be heading up for drinks to your nights alive as well.

DAY 3:

After the wonderful time with your fellow travellers its time to get into the mood of a real traveller and head your ways your way. The day is free to experience Dubai or nearby cities just the way you might have dreamt of. You can set out to experiencing the most adventures moment of the life “SKYDIVING” or you can visit to feel the speed of “Ferrari world” into veins, that has the worlds fastest ride to make the adrenaline run through your veins.  

DAY 4:

Keep yourself relaxed and set your swimsuit ready as its Time visit and the palm Jumeriah beach and relax with the heat of the sun on the beach with the view of the worlds only 7-star hotel BURJ-AL-ARAB, the only hotel that has the access to 3 modes of entrance to the hotel that is through sea, land and air.

Back to the hostel in the afternoon, relax your self for sometime then we will be heading to emirates mall and don’t forget to catch for drinks with your fellow travellers.


Its time to experience the tallest skyscraper ‘THE BURJ KHALIFA’. Visit the 126th floor of Burj khalifa and experiencing the heights of Dubai.

DAY 5:

It was so nice to meet all of you guys and making the most amazing moments of life and now its time to head back home!

Should you book this trip 90 days prior to the departure date the cost of the trip will be Rs. 29,000 /- , 60 days prior will be Rs. 32,000/- and 30 days prior will be Rs. 35,000/- (per person plus GST as applicable).

Get in touch with us for a detailed itinerary and some special offers!

Optional Activities



Get in touch with us for a detailed itinerary and some special offers!

Include / Exclude


  • Accommodation is centrally located, highly recommended and top rated hostels in multi-share dorms. En suite facilities will be provided wherever possible.
  • Breakfasts at your hostels.
  • One Barbecue dinner at DESERT SAFARI is included.
  • All intercity transfers by bus, train or flight as per the itinerary.
  • Off-beaten, fun activities with our local guides in each of the cities to make your trip a memorable one!
  • Assistance from our expert travel consultants throughout your trip and must-do recommendations alongwith some off beaten ones.
  • ** Get in touch with us for a more detailed itinerary.


  • Airfare and visa, any issues with the same, we can guide you with the process or we can give you contacts for the visa approvals and airfare bookings.
  • DINNER AND LUNCH is as per your choice 
  • Some destinations are only approached by Taxi or public transport at the spot fares, which you will have to pay directly as its not included.

Accommodation / Transportation


Accommodation style is far more different than the old formats of Hotels. Its hostels that are made for travellers and travellers are made for them as it’s a luxury in budget. ‘Luxury of fellow travellers.

These Hostels are Clean and neat that allow you to live each moment your way. Most Of these have all required facilities like service kitchen, facilities of internet, laundry rooms, safe lockers.

You will be staying in a dorm that have 6-8 bed dorm style. Some hostels also provide women only floors.

If you are new to hear about the hostels, please visit our hostels page that give you a complete idea of “HOW WE STAY” AND MEMORIES we make. 


Intercity transport by high-speed trains, flight and buses are included in the cost.

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